King Charles Spaniel thingy


We have argued endlessly about this one… Some say it is a fairing and that it would have had a mirror in that round thing.  Others see the round thing as a handle and claim that this was the lid of some sort of pot.  The rest of us take the view that we neither know nor care and rue the fact that we have run out of sick-bags ………

Still some people collect these things – each to his/her own, that’s what we say.

We are pretty certain this is Victorian and it has the number 2957 incised into its base…. However it is extremely unlikely that there are 2956 more of these out there.Just look at the price – an indication of our hope of sending this to a good and loving home….

Perfect condition (apart from possible missing mirror or pot and some loss of gilding)

7cm high.

PS What is that brown object on the floor?  Kindly do not send answers on a postcard.


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