Spatchcock Rat


Big, hairy, extremely dirty, very old, slightly smelly and flat as a pancake… our spatchcock rat has no parallels… it makes our dead mice seem almost cuddly.

This very dead and mildly desiccated rodent (or is it just half a rodent - we are not too sure) should probably be handled with gloves on.  (That is – you should wear gloves when handling it – not put the gloves on the rat). It should not be treated like dried onions or lentils – its original volume will not be reconstituted if soaked in water.  It should not be added to stews or soups. It should not be given to children or pets to play with… 

The above may sound a bit negative but we have decided that it is not up to us to suggest uses for it….and we take no responsibility for what happens after it leaves these premises.

About 8 inches long -it will fit easily into an envelope …….



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