Mummifed Mouse!


Q. Is this the only dead mouse for sale on the internet? 

A. Certainly not – we are selling two!

This one is recently deceased, eviscerated by flies and then slowly dried. And before you ring the RSPCA please bear in mind that it was found in this state. No cruelty whatsoever was involved. The first photo shows the mouse the right way up, the second upside-down (just in case you were wondering).

We used it to help us choose the new material to cover our old sofa and now, job done (please see photo of dead mouse on sofa) it is surplus to requirements. Now some might argue that we did not get the colour quite right – but it was a question of balancing both colour and texture – with what fabric was available. We are quite pleased with the result.

This is a truly dead mouse – and manifestly has an enormous number of uses: a table decoration for that oh-so-special dinner party perhaps, you could turn it into a fridge magnet, you could post it to your boss….. the possibilities are endless.

A snip at the price and we include free postage worldwide with this delectable item.

And don't bother visiting the Price Negotiator - we are dead certain we will not offer a reduction.

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