My Friend and Yours....


Have you ever woken up in bed the morning after to find someone who looks exactly like this lying next to you? If so we at Cybergrot would like you to know that we do not approve of such goings on. If you have had this unpleasant experience it jolly well serves you right.

However we do live in the real world and let’s face it – this face is familiar isn’t it? 

We suggest you buy it and hang it on your bedroom door, make sure it is the last thing you see on your way out to your next party …. Keep the image in your head all evening and we guarantee you will come home alone  …………Alternatively of course you could wear it to the party … The outcome will be much the same. 

This exquisite hand crafted wooden mask (with rusty-orange bristles for hair) from the Ivory Coast (reputedly) is another of those fashion accessories you just cannot do without…  

Or it would make a perfect gift….

About 13 x 8 inches.

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