Ye Olde English Customs - Ducking Chair


This contentious little tea- plate is one of a series called Ye Olde English Customs. We are selling five they are scattered around untidily in the shop. They were all made soon after 1940 by Burgess & Leigh (later known as Burleigh). Under the inscription on the back (see photo below) is their famous beehive back stamp. The drawing and painting is entirely mid 20th century in style and are hand coloured.

We recommend you are cautious if giving this away as a present. You can wash this in the village pond but not in a dishwasher.

For a plunge in price visit the price negotiator and start nagging...

6 inches in diameter.

Condition good.

"There stands, my friend, in yonder pool
An engine called the ducking-stool;
By legal power commanded down
The joy and terror of the town.
If jarring females kindle strife,
Give language foul, or lug the coif,
If noisy dames should once begin
To drive the house with horrid din,
Away, you cry, you'll grace the stool;
We'll teach you how your tongue to rule.
The fair offender fills the seat
In sullen pomp, profoundly great;
Down in the deep the stool descends,
But here, at first, we miss our ends;
She mounts again and rages more
Than ever vixen did before.
So, throwing water on the fire
Will make it but burn up the higher.
If so, my friend, pray let her take
A second turn into the lake,
And, rather than your patience lose,
Thrice and again repeat the dose.
No brawling wives, no furious wenches,
No fire so hot but water quenches."

(Benjamin West 1780)

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