Two Little Pigs


Now here is the story of the 2 little pigs:

“One day, long long ago in the 1950’s,  a strange and rather wonderful person got out of bed one morning and said to him (or her) self… ‘What shall I do today?  Oh yes, I know… I will make two little wooden pigs playing musical instruments – that will be given to a small child who will play with them for ten minutes and then put them in a box for 50 years …….’

(Or something like that!)

Well here they are again……

In perfect 50-year-old condition (i.e. not broken but a bit dusty)

They are each just over 2 inches high…

And we refuse to separate them – they are to be sold as a pair or not at all…

They will be packed in straw for a comfy journey.......

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