Victorian Ball and Claw bath legs


These are really fine cast-iron ball and claw feet that come from a late Victorian or Edwardian roll top bath.

Alas the bath is no more!

“Whatever can have happened?” we hear you exclaim.

Well, one of the following statements is true:

1) Two of the legs faced forwards and two of the legs faced backwards and the resulting stress over 100 years or so pulled the bath tub in two.

2) The demise of the bath was due to a bad attack of roll-top bath hatred in the 1970s.

But before committing this deeply beautiful bathtub to the celestial bathhouse in the sky, its owner removed its legs… and here they are. (We regret that we cannot guarantee that the bath was dead before being dismembered and that no suffering was caused).

We feel that these fine lower limbs deserve a second chance.

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