Dead Wasp Thingy


It seems too big to be a wasp – maybe it’s a queen? (oooh ducky) – whatever… if you were running and found this on the carpet in your office what would you do?  Yes of course, you would sell it… It’s big – about an inch long – okay not big if you are a whale but big by BWS (British Wasp Standards). And it’s not squashed although one of the legs seems to missing a section (we don’t like to look too closely)

And it’s dead.

Stick it onto iced bun = modern art

Add to wasp-phobic boss’s salad = a good laugh

Leave in spouse’s underwear drawer = divorce

Post it to ex-lover = revenge (spatchcock rat – elsewhere on this site would be better)

Or better still – buy it.

There is some geezer out there selling photos of dead wasps on the Internet for $10 – nice try mister - but on you can buy the real thing for half the price.

We regret that the above statement is not true - we have lost the wasp and have therefore had to price it prohibitively


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