A Skye Terrier


This wee doggie is about 50 years old – we know this for a fact and we don’t want any arguments thank you. It is rather well hand-carved from softwood and it has a red collar made from some sort of stuff. And its ickle tongue is hanging out – picked out in scarlet paint. Awwwwwww.

It is a tad grubby.

Skye Terriers originated in and around the Isle of Skye – in Scotland.  Some folks say they are the result of a Maltese type dog that swam to shore from a shipwreck in the 1600s and bred with the native terriers. Who knows?  Who cares?

The famous dog ‘Grey friars Bobby’ was a Skye terrier.  If you don’t know that sob story you can look it up for yourselves – but before doing so we strongly recommend that you buy the second-hand handkerchief we are selling elsewhere on this site.

We suppose you are now expecting a lecture on the merits of the Skye terrier.  Well we pulled this off the internet: Skye terriers have style, elegance and dignity. Twice as long as they are high, they are covered in a profuse coat that falls straight down either side of the body. Their most prominent feature are their ears which are much larger than their cousins. 

We must take issue with that last sentence.  For a start it should read ‘Their most prominent feature is their ears’ and as for the rest of it – no one has ears that are larger than their cousins now do they?

Their motto is remember your friends and never forget your enemies.

Whaaaaaaaat? Dogs don’t have mottos.

But we suspect that the writer of that blurb has just made an unforgettable enemy.

About 1½ inches nose to tail.


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