Rob rob robbin'


Rob rob robbin’

When we first clapped eyes on this we thought: HA! Half a robin – this is a must for Cybergrot….

We were all set to challenge you to find the other half, to reunite the two halves into a single whole, to wave the magic wand, open the Cybergrot office window and let the reconstituted robin fly free…..

Lackaday on second inspection what did we find?  That this is not a product of a warped taxidermist’s mind, - for half a robin it is not.  The removal of interior organs and their replacement with sawdust tends to lead to an element of recrimination in the visage of the victim that is not to be found here.… This cheery 3D robin leaping around in the snow capped holly bush was created from a print by the famous Basil Ede of 1977 and as far as we can tell it is made entirely of paper cleverly sculpted to look like feathers.

We was robbed!

This item should be classified as ‘nearly nice’ as opposed to ‘rather nasty’.

It measures about 9 x 7 inches.


Stock up now! Christmas is just around the corner.

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