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Is this a Blue Tit or a Great Tit or something (titter ye not)?  We confess we are stumped.  Whatever the species it is a big tit …ooooh er mrs……. Bird alone is about 4½ inches beak to tail and the stump is about 3 inches high – larger than life we guess. A nicely made thing will no apparent chips – although we suspect the tail may have parted company with tits owner at some point but if so the repair is so expertly done tha tit had us fooled. 

We have been expecting – nay hoping – that some twitcher will berate us for our shameful lack of knowledge of bird species and tell us what this is…. But so far we have not heard a dicky bird* from them.

 Made of china – probably continental.  Number 2410/2 on the base.

*Cockney rhyming slang for word.

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