Feeling sheepish?


This really useful wooden sheep is yet another must have item. It is a sizable 10 inches long and about 6 inches high and hand carved.  It is a pleasing object – if you like sheep that is… and if you have trouble sleeping you could always try counting it… one…one….one …. 

Alternatively you could attempt to learn the following:

The Sire is the Ram or Tup, the Ewe is the Dam. The young till weaned is a Lamb, then it then becomes a Tup-hogget or Ewe-hogget; a castrated Tup is a Wether-hogget. After the first shearing the Tup-hogget becomes a Shearling and the Ewe-hogget a Gimmer and the Wether-hogget a Dinmont. After the second shearing the Shearling becomes a Two-shear tup, the Gimmer - an Ewe and the Dinmont - a Wether. After the removal of the third fleece the Ewe is called Twinter-ewe and when it ceases to breed a Draft-ewe… we assume that by this time the males are called Sunday lunch.

Got that?  Ah!  We see you are asleep…………

Don’t be sheepish visit the Price Negotiator for a dip in the price……you might get a baaaagain

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