Owl Pellets


(limited edition of 3)

Owls eat small rodents, small birds, insects, fish, and worms and so on. They often swallow their prey whole and it passes first down to the gizzard, where the food is broken up, and then on to the stomach for digestion. These small, sausage-shaped pellets, contain the indigestible parts of the food and are ejected through the mouth. They consist of things like the bones of birds, mammals and fish, teeth, claws and beaks, insect head parts and wing cases, seed husks and so on.

Owls normally produce about two pellets each 24 hours.

We think our pellets come from a tawny owl (this is based on the observations of an incompetent amateur) and we are providing a FREE OWL FEATHER with every pellet!

The price quoted is for one pellet with one FREE FEATHER.

Offers will be inwardly digested by our price negotiator and then regurgitated.

We recommend that you do not insure these items.

Safety note: This material has been eaten once we do not recommend you eat it again. If handling the pellet we suppose you should use gloves not sure why - seems a bit pointless to us but its the sort of thing we think we ought to say.

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