Ah you were expecting something green and furry and smelling rank weren’t you? 

We don’t sell nasty things – except in the nasty things section.

This old mould is just what you need to create that centrepiece for your dinner party… we tried to make you an example but it ended up on the floor so we have pinched a photo off the internet. As we believe in being open and honest, we wrote to the owner asking his permission to use the photo and offering to give his company a plug on by way of thanks, and he has not replied. How strange! The dessert in his photo was not made in a mould exactly like ours but it gives the general idea. Our mould is pineapple free and before our effort landed on the floor we thought we spotted a crown on the top. It may be that the rose is accompanied by a shamrock and a thistle and some sort of squiggle, but we are not too sure. We are going to make another attempt to use it and will publish the result ...on the floor if necessary. But don't hold your breath.

Buy it, use it and serve it to your guests as ‘mould’ (as they did in Victorian times) and we guarantee you will remember the experience.

Height 5½ inches, width across widest point 7¾ inches, capacity 2 pints.

We think this is a bit of a bargain at £22 but if you would like test your powers of persuasion visit our Price Negotiator who is to be found in the Manager's Office.



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