Unique masonic medal.



Unique?  Quite a bold claim you might think.  Nevertheless we stand by it. Look carefully …. On one side are the words “HOLBORN Restaurant estd. 1874” and on the other side it reads….. “Presented by the Proprietors to Mr Cracknell, Sept 29th 1894”.  We have our doubts whether Mr Cracknell was given two of these – hence our claim of uniqueness.

And for those of you who are unschooled in such matters, the Holborn Restaurant was a meeting place for Freemasons.

However a mystery remains…. The restaurant was remodelled by the architect T.E. Collcutt allegedly in 1895 but this image is of the remodelled New Kings Hall and dated the previous year.……….. can we speculate therefore that Mr Cracknell had a hand in this architectural masterpiece? 

The more sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that the said Mr Cracknell was so delighted with this trophy that he bored a hole through it, presumably to hang it round is neck, or some other part of his anatomy……

How to price such an object = a problem.  There is nothing like it that we have been able to find so we have plumped for a modest sum….. if you would like to make a counter offer please roll up one trouser leg and visit the price negotiator ……………


It is made of some sort of base metal probably containing lead as it is very heavy and it measures

About 2¾ inches in diameter.

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