Moon landing souvenir


Man in the moon?

Man on the moon?

Who knows?  Who cares? 

This is a rather confused souvenir of a world changing moment…..sold to us by a rather confused man who only did so on condition that  we agreed that the whole event of 20 July 1969 had been a hoax.

We lied and bought it.

Actually our views on the moon controversy are clear: it is made of green cheese. 

Here is the proof.

There are two possibilities:

    1) The moon is made of green cheese

2)      2) The moon is not made of green cheese

 Well we are told that number 2 is not true – so we can remove it from the list. Which leaves us with number 1. Q.E.D.

 This heavy metal item measures 5½ inches tip to tip and we believe it to be a genuine souvenir of the great American cheese hunt of 1969

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