Pipe Tamper Squirrel


We have a notion - and we could be quite wrong - that this was made after Beatrix Potter published The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin in 1903 - for this surely must be Nutkin himself - he who baited Old Brown with the following riddle:
' A house full, a hole full and you cannot gather a bowlful'
If we are wrong, then it is older - probably Victorian.

Here are the answers to your 2 questions:
Q) What is a pipe tamper?
A) It's a thing you use to tamp your pipe.

Q) What is the answer to the above riddle
A) Smoke.

This is a very nice brass object in good condition
It's about 7cm high
The base has a waffle-type pattern on it. 

If the price chokes you may we politely remind you that these things are highly collectible however you could always try an offer.

Please remember, smoking kills.

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