An ole packet of Tide


The problem these days with having a washing powder called Tide is that the name conjures up visions of squished plastic bottles, feathers coated in tar, stinking fly-covered bladder wrack and effluent coated with a good dollop of sludge.  Not surprising therefore that Tide no longer graces the shelves of Messrs Sainsbury and Morrison. You can still find it in the far East where presumably the shores are cleaner and in the USA where large areas are not afflicted with coastline at all.

This packet is unopened and dates from after 1966.  If you want to know how we worked that out you will just have to buy the packet and look for the clue. 

26 oz of perfect Retro gift……..

Condition: not pristine – a tad bashed and scratched here and there but what do you expect for a tenner these days?

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