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Just what you need to make a spectacle of yourself.  We are offering for sale this vintage monocle, or “eye ring". These were largely worn by upper class men (see picture below) from the late 19th to the mid 20th century (with a slight decline after the first World War due to their being associated with the German Military).

Ours is in excellent condition. The frame looks as if it is gold -(no promises). It has a ‘gallery’ introduced to make it easier to wear and to keep the lens away from the eyelashes.

There has been some speculation (ha!) as to how these things were worn and on this matter we can do no better than to refer you to Mrs Mills' weekly column in The Sunday Times

Dear Mrs. Mills,

I have worn a monocle on and off for the past few years. I now feel totally comfortable and indeed confident with it. However, I am anxious to know the correct etiquette, if any, that goes with the wearing of an eyepiece. I do entertain on a regular basis -- luncheons, dinners and so on -- and I'm desperate to ascertain the correct procedures when receiving dignitaries and, of course, female company.


Dear DPC,

While the monocle should be worn whenever needed for seeing clearly (ie, reading, shooting, neurosurgery), it is also your responsibility to maintain its silly-ass yet, paradoxically, rakish image. So, for instance, it should be worn when eating soup so that you can exclaim "Gosh" (or "Crikey" in extreme duress), put on a surprised expression and allow the monocle to fall into the bowl -- a minor coup de théâtre that will give you the moral high ground. On the other hand, when being introduced to a lady wearing a low-cut dress, never fail to screw the monocle tightly into your eye socket and drawl "Hellloooo" while examining her cleavage closely. Extra kudos is obtained by sounding like Terry-Thomas.

Mrs. Mills




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