Ye Olde English Customs - Onions


Buy my four ropes of onyons

This delightful little plate was made soon after 1940.  It shows part of a series of Ye Olde English Customs. Here we see the traditional onion seller. Someone can’t count as the text says Buy My Four Ropes of Onyons while the bloke only seems to be carrying two. The drawing and painting is entirely mid 20th century in style – all hand done.

There are four more of these stylish plates scattered around our shop - we are not quite sure where they are but we do know that they would look great on a stand in your glass-fronted china cabinet or what-not.  These are tea plates – 6 inches across. Cheese and onion sandwich proof, but not dishwasher safe so probably better for display than for eating tea off.

Under the inscription on the back (see photo below) is the beehive back stamp of Burgess & Leigh (later known as Burleigh).

Good condition for its age, but the glaze is a little crazed - hence the price... but if you think the price is crazed try an offer.....

If the man who onions cries

Cry not when his father dies

‘Tis a proof that he had rather

Have an onion than a father.

(With apologies to Dr Samuel Johnson)

"If Leekes you like, but do their smell dis-like,
Eat Onyons, and you shall not smell the Leeke;
If you of Onyons would the scent expell,
Eat Garlicke, that shall drowne the Onyons' smell."

(Dr. William Kitchiner)

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